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Football Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Handbook
Please read the 2018 Handbook and Commitment document as it covers most of the questions you’ll have about the season. 
What is the cost for registration?
The registration fee is $250 for the first family member and $215 for each additional member - family cap of $525.

A $50 calendar raffle purchase is also required and collected during registration. A $150 deposit is required and final payment is due by May 1st. There are NO REFUNDS.
What paperwork is required for registration?
In addition to the electronic registration, the following forms must be received by June 28.  We will provide additional information on scheduled drop off times and locations. 

Required Paperwork

  • Medical Clearance Form: The Medical Clearance must be signed by a physician and dated in 2018. The form may not expire while the season is active.
  • Medical Treatment Consent and Information Form: Filled out by parent/ guardian.
  • Birth Certificate: State or Town issued certificates; hospital copies are not acceptable.
  • Certification Record printed from the NHYFSC website: All athletes must be registered through the state website After registering your child online, there will be a summary page with your child’s information. Scroll to the bottom where you will see “Click Here for Printable Record.” Print this form, initial and sign page two.
  • Report Card: Two copies of your child’s 2017-2018 final report card must be submitted. Final report card is through the end of 2018 school year. The name of the school and the schools grading scale must appear on the report card. It must be legible and copied in its entirety and all marking period must appear.
  • Acknowledgement of Wolverines Handbook and Code of Conduct: Parents/guardians must print, sign and turn the last page of the Handbook.

What is a “Returning Wolverine”
If you were a football or cheer participant in 2017 then you are considered a returning Wolverine participant.
Are siblings of returning Wolverines players guaranteed a roster spot?
We first need to register returning Wolverines to understand how many roster spots we have open.  All siblings will register during the new player registration period.

Game Schedule
Game scheduling in NOT under our control. We will provide the schedule as soon as it becomes available from the State.  Please be aware that game times and locations can change last minute.  Please be patient during the season and we will communicate as soon as we know details.

Regular Season & Post-Season Play
There will be 8 weekly games scheduled for all teams, with the possibility that there may be one bye week, depending on scheduling logistics. All teams from grades 4 through 8 are eligible for post-season play-offs at the state level based on records during the regular season. State champions have the option of continuing on to regional or national play. Grade 2/3 is instructional and does not have a post-season play-off competition.

Special Events  - Details to TBD

  • Preseason Jamboree
  • Annual Wolverines’ Jaguars  Day
  • Event at the Wolverines Day game and at other Jaguar home games